Cincinnati Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, our team understands the strong correlation between one’s addiction and one’s underlying issues. More often than not, we’ve found that drug and alcohol addiction starts with the self-medicating of underlying issues or as a way of numbing or forgetting traumatic experiences. Anxiety, PTSD, depression, and bipolar disorder are common co-occurring conditions associated with addiction. To set our clients up for the highest chance of success in their recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction, each client is assigned an individual treatment team which consists of a licensed therapist and a drug and alcohol counselor (case manager) with whom they will with (individually) at least once per week. Clients are also seen by our Medical Doctors and Psychiatric Providers who are all Board Certified. Within the first three to five days of admission, each client will receive an initial psychiatric evaluation as well.

Our team of compassionate clinicians at our Cincinnati, Ohio facility utilize a variety of evidence-based addiction therapies proven to effectively treat underlying issues in tandem with addiction. The therapeutic interventions most commonly used at HCBTS Cincinnati include but are not limited to EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and mindfulness meditation.

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