Cincinnati Relapse Prevention Therapy

At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, Relapse Prevention is a foundational aspect of our program in our group and individual therapy settings. We educate our clients on the stages of a relapse (emotional, mental, physical) emphasizing that a relapse is a process, not a single event.

By educating our clients on the various stages of a relapse and what each stage looks like, our clients are able to identify warning signs and triggers (feelings, people, situations, and places) that lead to a desire to drink or use. Our clients are also able to clearly understand if and when they may be going through an emotional or mental relapse. Once these warning signs and triggers have been established, our therapists teach and equip our clients with new coping mechanisms and tools proven to significantly decrease the chances of a physical relapse from happening.

Helpful tips for reducing relapses:

  • Join a support group in Cincinnati, Ohio (12-step recovery support) and attend meetings weekly
  • Adhere to a structured schedule
  • Remove yourself from toxic environments and toxic relationships
  • Distract yourself: call a friend, go to a 12-step recovery meeting, take a 30-minute walk
  • Practice mindfulness meditation on a daily basis
  • Practice self-care
  • Talk to yourself with positive affirmations
  • Exercise daily
  • Eat a nutritional well-balance diet
  • Avoid caffeine

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