Cincinnati Mindfulness Meditation Therapy

Mindfulness meditation is a therapeutic intervention centered on bringing one’s attention to the present moment through meditative practices. Mindfulness meditation promotes a wide range of benefits including relaxation, happiness, self-acceptance, self-love, patience, positive mood regulation and an increased sense of gratitude. At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, mindfulness meditation helps those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions as well as food and love addictions to name a few. Mindfulness meditation has been proven to reduce addictive cravings while improving one’s ability to deal effectively with stress through meditation and other mindful practices.

Mindfulness meditation, described as a metacognitive skill through meditation practice, is proven to be effective in the treatment of substance use disorders according to findings in research. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to increase awareness of thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations for relapse prevention. Mindfulness-based intervention, in conjunction with evidence-based cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapeutic interventions, is widely used in addictions treatment. The combination of relapse prevention tools (learned coping skills from therapeutic intervention, self-efficacy, the use of 12 steps, sponsorship, and community-based support) and mindfulness-based practice promote long-term efficacy of addictions treatment. Increased mindfulness also reduces susceptibility to act upon relapse triggers and decreases impulsivity in substance abusing individuals. This practice also gives heightened awareness of the craving response with an opportunity to apply preventive measures for potential relapse. Mindfulness-based interventions allow for a positive correlation between being mindful and the use of relapse prevention tools for long-term sobriety.

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