Cincinnati CBT Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidenced based psychotherapy that has been proven to effectively treat depression, anxiety and other co-occurring conditions. CBT is a solution-oriented psychotherapy that aims to change patterns of thinking and behavior that are causing difficulties in one’s life. CBT looks specifically at a person’s cognitive processes (attitudes, images, opinions, beliefs, and thought patterns) and focuses on how one’s distressed and/or distorted thinking patterns directly correlate with their negative behavioral patterns and cause difficulties in their life. By looking at the internal dialogue going on in one’s head, specifically focusing on how thoughts and feelings are concurrent and how our automatic thought processes can be self-sabotaging and destructive, one can begin to question and challenge destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns. The ultimate goal of CBT is to change the internal dialogue going on inside the brain so that new thinking and behavioral patterns can be established.

How CBT helps with addiction

At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, CBT helps clients understand the power and influence their thoughts have on their mood and actions. In a therapeutic session the therapist and the patient work together to identify circumstances, thoughts and feelings that arise before and after using. By identifying the thoughts, feelings and circumstances, the client gains an understanding of himself or herself, why they use substances and how their patterns could lead them to relapse. The therapist aims to help the client identify and eliminate negative and harmful behavioral patterns that stem from unhealthy beliefs the client has about themselves and the world. People who struggle with substance abuse are greatly impacted by their destructive negative thought patterns and distorted thinking. CBT is one of the many ways clients can begin to break free from their negative thinking and gain a sense of empowerment and control over the negative thoughts and beliefs that can fuel their addiction.

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