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In addition to our detoxification/withdrawal management and outpatient treatment services, Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati also provides residential treatment services in Cincinnati, OH. for men, women and young adults on an individualized basis. Clients in our residential addiction treatment program undergo a variety of assessments and evaluations with their treatment team to determine what their individual treatment plan will look like.

While in our residential treatment programs, clients are assigned an individual clinical team, which consists of a primary therapist and a drug and alcohol counselor (case manager) with whom they will meet with a minimum of once per week. Clients are also seen by our Board Certified (by the American Society of Addiction Medicine) Medical Doctors and Psychiatric Providers on a consistent basis while in our care and all clients will receive an initial psychiatric evaluation upon admission (within three to five days of admission date).

Our caring, experienced and knowledgeable team of treatment professionals utilize and employ a variety of therapeutic interventions in our residential treatment programs including EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). To speak to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social elements of our client’s life and their recovery, we also employ a mixture of holistic therapies including mindfulness meditation practice(s), aromatherapy, music therapy and acupuncture.

While in our residential treatment program, clients attend full day programming and reside in home-like and gender-specific licensed residential homes that are staffed around the clock (24/7). Clients in our residential program will attend outside 12-step meetings and participate in other outings and activities. Our goal is to support our clients as they learn how to reintegrate themselves back into the community while having the clinical and therapeutic support and guidance of their clinical team within their residential treatment program.

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