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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions.

What should I bring to treatment?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Items to bring to Treatment:

  • Books and magazines that are uplifting and positive
  • Photographs of friends, family, pets, etc.
  • Medication in original bottles or blister packs
  • Identification cards including driver’s license, company ID, passport, insurance card, etc.
  • A notebook to document your recovery journey
  • Electronic devices that do not have Wifi (please note: you will be able to use your electronic devices after the blackout period is over)
  • Prepaid visa (no cash) – clients loved ones can add additional money whenever necessary through the client’s case manager
  • Personal hygiene items:
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, brush, body wash, lotion, face wash, female hygiene products, etc.
  • Clothing: 
      • Two weeks worth of comfy, weather-appropriate clothing
      • Please note overly provocative clothing, clothing that advertises or illustrates drug and/or alcohol, clothing that contains profanity, clothing with gang affiliation, etc. is not allowed and will be taken away
      • Shoes:
        • Everyday walking shoes, tennis shoes and sandals
      • Shirts:
        • Low cut and spaghetti strap tops are not allowed unless worn underneath a coat, sweater, jacket, etc.– tank top straps should be at least 2 inches wide
      • Pants
      • Shorts:
        • Must be no less than 6 inches from top of knee
      • A few dressy outfits for weekend activities
      • Socks
      • Undergarments – underwear/bra
      • Swimsuit (if weather permits)
      • Pajamas
      • Coat/jacket
      • Slippers
      • Hats
      • Belt
      • Bathrobe

Items not to bring to Treatment:

  • Please note anything that contains alcohol, including perfume, hairspray, mouthwash, hand-sanitizer and / or cologne will be confiscated
  • CBD oil products are not permitted
  • Pre work-out supplements and energy drinks are not allowed
  • Cash is not allowed

If you need further clarification, please reach out to your admissions representative and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Can I use electronics?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

To best support our clients as they transition into a new environment (treatment) and to avoid distractions during a vulnerable time, there is a blackout period in which clients are not able to use any of their electronics (cell phones, laptops, etc.). Once the blackout period is over, pending the clinical team’s approval, clients will be given full access to their electronics to use outside of programming hours. Please note, if at any time clients become noncompliant with HCBTS’ policies, electronic privileges may be revoked.

What insurance do you accept?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00
Hotel California by the Sea accepts most insurance.
Please contact (888) 733-7755 to speak with the Admissions department if you have any questions about your insurance coverage.
You can also verify your insurance here:
Insurance Verification
Do you accept state insurance?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

No, Hotel California by the Sea does not accept state insurance.

Do you offer vivitrol?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Yes we offer anti-craving medication including vivitrol, naltrexone, and campral. Our medical team will educate the clients shortly after intake on anti-craving medication and nicotine cessation.

Can I smoke and / or vape?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Clients may smoke and / or vape in designated areas, outside of programming hours.

Should I bring my medications?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

As long as the medication is labeled properly, clients are allowed to bring their medication(s) however expired medication and loose pills are not allowed.

Can clients leave the premise during treatment?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Once a client is finished with the blackout period, they may receive sign outs pending clinical approval. A sign out allows for clients to be off site for 4 hours. If a client would like to be off site for longer than 4 hours, they may request for a pass or deviation through their clinical team.

Am I allowed visitors?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

At Hotel California by the Sea we understand that family is an important part of the recovery journey. Family visits take place at our clinical building and are scheduled individually with a client’s clinical team.

Can I bring pets?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

No, we do not allow pets in our program.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Yes, we are LGBTQ friendly.

Do you offer a family program?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Yes we provide a family program the last Friday of each month from 8:30AM-3:30PM. Please contact your loved one’s case manager for details and to sign up.

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Are children allowed to participate in family program?2020-03-16T13:57:37-07:00

Children 16 years old + may attend our family program.

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