Hotel California by the Sea’s

Family Therapy Program for Substance Abuse

Family therapy meeting with addict in recovery

You’re invited to Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati’s Family Program, which is held the last Friday of every month from 8:30am – 3:00pm.

For details and to sign up please contact your loved one’s case manager. We are honored with the opportunity to help you and your loved ones step into recovery. Your involvement in this process is a key component to long-term recovery within the family.

Your presence deeply matters!

Chemical dependency is a disease which affects not only the addicted person, but also the family members and significant others. As the disease progresses, the attitude and behavior of the chemically dependent person changes. Family members discover their behaviors change as well. Our staff will assist you to discover and explore your own behaviors and attitudes and the feelings that give rise to them. You are very important in the recovery of the disease.

We hope your experience with our family program will be meaningful and beneficial. We believe the following goals will help you:

Understand Chemical Dependency: Learn to recognize the symptoms of the disease as blameless, progressive, chronic, and if not treated, fatal.

Acceptance: Accept chemical dependency as a family illness with a growing personal awareness of enabling behaviors and attitudes.

Express Yourself: Help your loved one understand the impact their addiction has had on you and the family unit.

Commit to a Continuing Recovery Program: Involve yourself with other people who have chemically dependent family members. We encourage family members to continue with professional help and participation in a Twelve Step program such as Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, Adult Children of Alcoholics and Co- Dependents Anonymous.

We sincerely hope you are able to attend.

We are located at 4705 Lake Forest Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45242. Please RSVP via email or phone. All family members and friends are welcome.

Feel free to contact J.B. Whitehouse at with any questions or concerns.

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