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At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, we understand that our clients lives have become unmanageable by the time they come into our care. We also understand that getting sober means changing one’s entire life, which involves a variety of new and necessary tasks, which may seem quite overwhelming at first. At HCBTS Cincinnati, we have a team of licensed case managers to walk our clients through how to accomplish their day-to-day tasks and goals while prioritizing their sobriety. Each of our clients will have their own case manager and the role of the case manager is to help our clients focus on their recovery while teaching our clients how to better manage their lives in sobriety.

On a daily basis, our case managers assist in the coordination of: individual therapist sessions, group programming sessions, and doctors and dentist appointments. Our case managers are also the main point of contact responsible for keeping our client’s families/loved ones up-to-date with their treatment progress while in our care at the Cincinnati, Ohio facility.

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