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At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, we believe recovery should be fun and bring joy to the lives of those recovering. We also understand that by the time clients make it into our care, their addiction has taken over parts, if not all, of their lives and their passions and hobbies have been completely overshadowed by their addiction.

While in our care, clients will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of entertaining activities such as going out to the movies, going on hikes, taking trips to the local museums and art shows, going ice skating during the holidays and so much more! Our program at Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati has been specifically designed in a way that encourages and teaches clients how to have fun while maintaining success in their recovery. We also support our clients as they relearn what they like and dislike and as they find new hobbies and activities that stimulate the reward centers in the brain. Our client activities also serve as a great way for our clients to connect with one another and feel more apart of and supported throughout their time in treatment.

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