Cincinnati Drug & Alcohol Detox & Treatment Programs

Modeled off of our flagship addiction treatment program in Orange County, CA, Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati brings unsurpassed addiction treatment to the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. We offer men, women and young adults detox care, residential treatment and outpatient treatment services as well as private and structured living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our programs are formed to fit the specific needs of each of our client’s on an individualized basis with tailored treatment regimens. In other words, we do not believe in one-size fits all treatment programs and we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment at our Midwest facility. Our clinical team specializes in treating addiction in tandem with co-occurring disorders because we see the two as being deeply correlated. Our primary goal at Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati is to teach our clients how to achieve long-term sobriety and recovery as well as positive life change.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Doctor in Cincinnati


Our goal is to make your detoxification and stabilization experience as comfortable, efficient and effective as possible under the care of 24 hour medical supervision.

Cincinnati Outpatient Facility

Outpatient Treatment

Modeled off our programs in Newport Beach, CA and Bellevue, WA, we bring quality addiction treatment to the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Drug & Alcohol residential treatment home


Our residential treatment programs are gender-specific, clients receive individualized treatment and services for substance use disorders and/or co-occurring behavioral health conditions and live in a private residential home that is safe, healthful, comfortable, and therapeutic.

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