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How to Have a Fun Sober Night Out


There are a variety of helpful articles and resources to support individuals going through alcohol detox and recovery, but what happens after your program is finished? If you are someone who has previously suffered with addiction, then it is important that you know your journey to sobriety doesn’t end once your treatment does. It is a lifetime process that takes dedication and healthy support to maintain. With all of this being said, just because you are recently sober doesn’t mean that [...]

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5 Tips for Eating and Exercising During Recovery


Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can often be quite challenging. It will require a lot of patience, dedication, and self-care in order to successfully overcome your addiction and maintain recovery. Consider these five helpful tips throughout your recovery process to better nourish your body and help it overcome this addiction: Drink Enough Water It can often be easy to overlook the importance of drinking enough water each day. However, it is something that you should strive to do because [...]

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The Importance of Healthy Relationships for Sobriety


Whenever the topic of drugs or alcohol recovery comes up, most people tend to focus almost exclusively on the detox process. However, the lengthy journey toward sobriety requires a strong, supportive network of friends and family as well. While often overlooked, healthy relationships can incentivize someone struggling with addiction to change their life for the better. It is important to note that this general premise applies to both romantic and platonic relationships alike. The deep bonds of a healthy relationship can [...]

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The Most Effective Alcohol Addiction Programs


In some ways, choosing the most effective alcohol addiction program is subjective. There are a variety of programs that have proven successful, but not all of them may be successful for your personal goals and work ethic. Choosing the perfect program is almost as important as sticking to and completing the program, so do your research. You can use the following recommendations as a guideline on the road to becoming free from an alcohol addiction. Three Primary Treatments The approach provided [...]

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What are Outpatient Treatment Centers and How Do They Work?


Drug and alcohol treatment programs generally fall into one of two categories — inpatient or outpatient rehab. Although both are focused on the same end goal, they approach it in different ways. Inpatient programs are fully-immersive and require patients to move into a residential facility to receive treatment. Designed to treat serious addictions, inpatient rehab makes it easier for individuals to receive continual support and harder for them to relapse. Typical inpatient programs run anywhere from 28 days to six months, [...]

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Tips for Staying Sober After Recovery


If you have recently stopped drinking or are recovering from an alcohol addiction, then you will want to do everything possible to remain sober and avoid a relapse. Although it may not be something that a newly sober person wants to think about, relapses are common for people new to recovery and should be planned for. Relapses begin long before you turn to pick up a drink or drug and are most likely to sneak up on people who are unable [...]

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What Happens When You Quit Drinking


Whether it be for personal, medical, or external reasons, individuals quit drinking alcohol every day. They might feel like the negative consequences of drinking have outweighed the temporary euphoria. Some might be sensing an addiction developing and want to be proactive in preventing it. Others choose to quit because of the ripple effect that their addiction has had on those around them. If you are looking to quit drinking or have attempted to before, it is important to be aware of [...]

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The 12-Steps of Alcohol Recovery


Recovering from any substance addiction can be a long road, and it is equally as important to have a solid support system as it is to have an action plan of how you will maintain sobriety. Completing a 12-step program can provide you with just that, along with the pride and confidence in yourself for following through with a treatment plan. Originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step program is a set of principles used to guide those recovering from addiction in [...]

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3 Important Types of Self-Care after Treatment for Substance Abuse


Patients with substance abuse disorders often struggle with self-care after treatment.  The concept of self-care can be new and foreign to those dealing with the obstacles that come with addiction. Self-care comes in many different forms. Here are three types of self-care that can be helpful for those recovering from addiction: Emotional self-care Addiction can be a negative result of pain management. Pain can come from a variety of life factors such as emotional abuse. Emotional self-care can involve repairing or [...]

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The Role of Advocates in Substance Abuse Recovery


Treatment is a key contributor to successful substance abuse recovery. However, in-house care is just one part of rehabilitation. Successful long term recovery also includes access to a strong support network, recovery advocates, and friends and family who support the recovery process. Why Advocates Are an Important Part of Care Studies show that environment can have an enormous effect on whether or not long term recovery is effective. Those who are in unhealthy environments after treatment may have a harder time [...]

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