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Mental Illness and Substance Abuse


Substance abuse affects a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds. For many, substance abuse is accompanied with mental illness. Self-medicating for a mental illness can sometimes result in substance abuse. This can potentially lead to addiction and can have negative effects on an underlying mental illness. In some cases, substance abuse can increase the frequency and intensity of mental illness symptoms. When two illnesses or disorders are present at the same time, they are referred to as comorbid disorders [...]

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Serious Issues that Result from Substance Abuse


Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a dependence on mind-altering substances. When a person develops an addiction to a mind-altering substance, they continue to use the drug no matter the harm and serious issues the abuse causes in that individual's life. The reality is that substance abuse can result in many issues that don’t always show at the surface when looking at addiction. This includes health issues, including brain damage, problems with relationships, financial hardships, and more. Substance Abuse [...]

Serious Issues that Result from Substance Abuse2017-09-22T12:00:46-07:00

Building Self-Esteem


One thing that’s true among addicts and alcoholics is the lack of self-esteem we have. We’ve spent months, even years doing wrong to ourselves, to others, and in the process we’ve beaten and broken down our spirits, our self-esteem, and diminished the love we have for ourselves. Sometimes, this can make recovery an even harder path to walk. I know for me, a simple compliment makes me an uncomfortable mess. I turn red, start to fidget, and become shy. Sometimes it [...]

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The Effect of Stigma on Addiction


BY: Ipek Aykol, LMFT License Number: 97315 What's a Stigma? Facing and overcoming stigma is one of the major challenges for those who have addiction. Stigma is a discrediting negative attitude imposed by society on individuals for not being perceived as “normal.” Stigma evolves as a result of society’s fear, ignorance and prejudice towards people who go through different life circumstances that the majority of the population does not go through. Stigma arises as a result of the society identifying the members [...]

The Effect of Stigma on Addiction2017-06-30T12:00:28-07:00

Preparing Mentally for Rehabilitation


One of the most difficult decisions anyone must make is the one to ask for help and go to an addiction treatment program. What makes this so difficult is that the disease of addiction doesn’t want you to get well. Addiction affects a part of your brain that’s responsible for survival, so it’s difficult to have the moment of clarity in which you realize that you need help. There are many people who never get to this point, so they never get [...]

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Getting Sober Equals Getting Healthy


A commonly known phrase in sobriety is “When you get sober, you don’t have to change much, you just have to change everything.” When you make the decision to give up your addiction once and for all, your life will need to completely change if you want to remain clean and sober. Getting sober and staying sober goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy life style. Although living a healthy lifestyle can include many components, the two most important are nutrition and [...]

Getting Sober Equals Getting Healthy2016-10-28T12:00:36-07:00

Do Early Drug Prevention Programs Work for Young Adults?


Young people are at very high risk of becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs for a multitude of reasons. Growing up into teenage years can be very difficult and stressful, and many young people turn to alcohol or drugs as a way to escape or to fit in. Drug prevention programs have been around for decades, but it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t. If it was as easy as having children attend D.A.R.E. assemblies in school, no young [...]

Do Early Drug Prevention Programs Work for Young Adults?2016-08-24T15:16:33-07:00

Health Plans Offer Unequal Mental Health Benefits


The Affordable Care Act was designed to provide health insurance for anyone who needs it, regardless of pre-existing conditions. While that has become the case for millions of American’s previously uninsured, new research suggests that one-fourth of health plans sold on health insurance exchanges appear to offer unequal benefits for mental and physical illnesses, despite a federal “parity” law mandating equal benefits for general medical treatments and mental health care, USA Today reports. At the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public [...]

Health Plans Offer Unequal Mental Health Benefits2015-03-10T13:43:11-07:00

Veterans Struggle With DEA Restrictions


Last year, Americans learned of serious systemic problems facing veterans in need of healthcare. Veterans were often faced with lengthy waits to see Veterans Affairs doctors; in some cases life was lost while waiting to see a physician. We learned that there simply aren’t enough doctors to treat everyone who has served overseas, and those who were lucky enough to be treated were often times given “medication band-aids” to treat illnesses which required intensive therapies. What’s more, in an attempt to [...]

Veterans Struggle With DEA Restrictions2015-02-24T13:48:52-08:00

Stresses of Retirement Linked with Substance Abuse


Retirement may seem like a dream come true, a time for rest and relaxation after a long career; and while that is true for many, for others however, retirement can be extremely difficult and in some cases more stressful than working. There is an old adage that says the number one killer is retirement, while it may seem hard to believe, many who leave the workforce are left feeling like they no longer have a purpose. A new study has found [...]

Stresses of Retirement Linked with Substance Abuse2015-01-08T09:13:55-08:00