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Tips for Hosting an Intervention


If someone you love is exhibiting signs of addiction, then you’ll want to address it with them so that they can seek help. However, addiction is a sensitive topic for most, and you may not know how to broach the subject with your loved one. The first step is to gather family members, friends, and spiritual contacts together to help intervene in the situation and show your loved one that they are cared for and supported. Here are five tips to [...]

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How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab


It's tough to watch a loved one deal with addiction. Maybe you've seen a friend or family member lose relationships, their job, or health as a result of their substance abuse. Or maybe you just suspect that your loved one is starting down a negative path with drugs or alcohol, and you want to help them avoid the suffering that goes along with addiction. But it's common knowledge that you can't force someone to recover if they're not ready. Here are [...]

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How to Prevent Teen Drug Abuse


When teens experiment with drugs, they put their safety at risk. Various factors can contribute to why a teen might begin using or abusing drugs, including insecurity or a desire for social acceptance. Teenagers are easily influenced during this developmental stage in life and may agree to try drugs or alcohol if they believe it will make them liked. The developmental stage that they are in is also very impulsive, and they might not consider the consequences of their actions because [...]

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Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Family Unit


It is said that addiction is a family disease, but what does that actually mean? According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, this describes the profound and stressful impact that a family member's substance abuse can have on his or her loved ones. How Does Substance Abuse Impact the Family? Addiction has far-reaching effects on every member of a family. The effects vary based on an individual’s relationship with the person dealing with the addiction. The National Institute [...]

Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Family Unit2017-12-15T12:00:17-08:00

Five Valuable Engagement Techniques to Help Screen and Treat Substance Abuse Candidates


If you suspect a friend or family member is struggling with substance abuse, talking to them about this issue can be challenging. These five techniques can help engage your loved one in a conversation about the issues they are facing and encourage them to seek treatment. Open the Dialogue on a Positive Note Start the conversation by making a statement of love and support. It is helpful to draw a distinction between your feelings about the person and your feelings about [...]

Five Valuable Engagement Techniques to Help Screen and Treat Substance Abuse Candidates2017-10-20T12:00:13-07:00

Substance Abuse Prevention For Young Adults


One of the most difficult parts about being a parent is knowing how to prevent one’s child from abusing drugs. Programs like D.A.R.E. have proven to be widely ineffective for a variety of different reasons. For too long, parents have had misconceptions about the proper way to speak to their children about drugs and alcohol. In some cases, parents decide to avoid the subject entirely, or they assume alcohol and drug use is normal. It’s extremely important to take this matter [...]

Substance Abuse Prevention For Young Adults2017-07-21T12:00:20-07:00

Addiction’s Effect on Marriage


Addiction can affect a marriage in a variety of different ways. Having your spouse fall into the depths of addiction can be very confusing, and it often leaves a person not knowing what to do. It’s extremely difficult to see the person you fell in love with go through a seemingly illogical transformation. The person who may have once showed you love and affection may become very emotionally distant, and sometimes they can become verbally or physically abusive. For married couples [...]

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Romantic Relationships Under the Stress of Addiction


Relationships can be one of the major triggers in a person’s addiction and they may not even realize it. Whether the relationship appears healthy or not, many people get stuck in the cycle of drinking or using as a way of managing their relationship. Not only do relationships contribute to a person’s drinking or using, but it can also be a quick route to relapse once the person has received treatment. One of the biggest suggestions for anyone who is newly [...]

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Consistent and Sustained Parental Attitudes About Alcohol


Parents are a child's greatest influence; the example that they set will have a great impact and may dictate some of the choices that their children make through the teenage years into young adulthood. While many parents have different opinions regarding their teenagers’ use of alcohol, new research suggests that parental practices and restrictions can make a difference, Medical News Today reports. A psychologist from the University at Buffalo has found that consistent and sustained parental attitudes about alcohol are very [...]

Consistent and Sustained Parental Attitudes About Alcohol2015-01-13T12:39:22-08:00