Career Resource Center

Addict and counselor meeting in our career resource program

At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati’s Career Resource Center we provide our clients with educational and professional support and guidance. Our mission at our Career Resource Center is to sufficiently prepare our clients for a life after treatment that they are proud of and a life style that nourishes their recovery journey.

Many of our clients come into our care feeling defeated, afraid and uninspired due to the destruction caused during their addiction(s). Many want to get back into the workforce or go back to school but don’t even know where to begin. To help our clients reintegrate themselves back into the world as productive and meaningful members of society, we have set up a step-by-step evaluation process to find out what our clients are passionate about/what peaks their interest(s), what their strengths are and what their goals are. Once we have a clear picture of who our clients aspire to be, we can implement all of our resources to help them move forward on a positive path that supports their goals and aspirations as well as their recovery.

Our Career Resource Center Program provides educational and professional assistance including but not limited to: resume building workshops, mock interviews, interview etiquette training and dress code, job placement as well as the facilitation of transportation to and from job interviews. We also help with the coordination of college campus tours and registering for financial aid and / or classes.

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