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Who We Are:

Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati is a comprehensive substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment facility that has been brought to The Greater Cincinnati Area as an extension of Hotel California by the Sea’s flagship addiction treatment program in Newport Beach, CA.

Hotel California by the Sea has always had strong ties to the Ohio area and our team leader is from Ohio. In recent years, we have been interested in bringing our treatment program to The Greater Cincinnati Area in order to help fight the current addiction epidemic and to help the countless families impacted. Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati promotes and helps instill a new way of living in recovery.

Our Model of Treatment:

At Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, we take an individualized approach to addiction treatment by tailoring personalized treatment plans for each of our clients. Using a variety of evidence-based addiction therapies, our clinical team works side-by-side with each of our clients to ensure that their addiction is being treated in tandem with their co-occurring conditions as the two are closely related.

 Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati allows for a real-world approach to addiction treatment where our clients will be active within their personal and professional lives as well as in the recovery community of Cincinnati while they are in treatment. Our clients are not confined to a specific facility for the duration of their stay and spend a lot of time in the local community. Additionally, clients in our drug rehab program live in residential homes with other clients which creates a strong sense of community and fellowship. With this type of approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment our clients are able to experience real world situations while maintaining the support of their therapists, case managers and doctors to help guide them in real-time as they grow in their recovery. This approach to treatment allows our clients to learn how to slowly change their behavior, while feeling comfortable enough to express and experience their emotions.

We are excited to be able to provide Cincinnati, Ohio with our addiction, co-occurring and mental health condition treatment and services. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or if you have any questions please contact us at 888-733-7755.

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