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John Whitehouse, Director

John Whitehouse, Director

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J.B. Whitehouse is a native Cincinnatian who grew up in the suburbs of the east side of the city. J.B. struggled with addiction for 10 years which consumed most of his adolescence. Throughout that 10 year period, J.B. was considered a bit of a nuisance; a trouble-making young man with a good heart who found himself in a lot of predicaments. Fueled by his addiction, J.B.’s troubles landed him in many courtrooms and subsequently many local treatment facilities. Although he didn’t have the willingness at the time to seek recovery, J.B. states “I don’t know if those facilities would have ultimately done for me what I needed to have done, which was to show me how to live a life of sobriety in a real-time, real-world setting.”

After his last close call with death in 2011, J.B. had a moment of clarity. In desperation to change his life and in order to avoid an untimely death, he sent himself to California to seek long-term dual-diagnosis treatment tailored toward young adults. It was in this program that J.B. was introduced to a completely new model of treatment, one that was conducted inside the community, and carried out in residential homes in local neighborhoods. This type of program promoted outside involvement in the local recovery community, which involved attending outside AA/NA meetings, carrying out local service work, and participating in local activities that showed clients how to have fun with themselves and others without the use of substances. J.B. states “it was a model of treatment I knew nothing about that allowed me to experience real-world situations while having the support and structure of the treatment facility I resided in. Having the clinical, professional, and peer levels of support to assist me in effectively processing all situations in real time allowed me to grow in my recovery. For the first time, I was able to process my triggers and slowly learn how to change my behavior. It was during my time at treatment that I was able to feel my true emotions for the first time without having to relapse or draw away from my recovery.” It was in this type of treatment program that J.B. set the foundation for his recovery, one that he has carried with him consecutively to this day. J.B. stayed in treatment for a year and after graduating from his treatment program he was offered a job to work in the field of recovery.

For the past 5 years J.B. has worked in almost every capacity within the treatment industry that one is able to work in without having a clinical or doctoral license. J.B. states “I’ve truly found my passion in life, which is working with other addicts and alcoholics. I believe this is my calling, the rightful path that has been set before me.” J.B. has dedicated his life to helping other addicts and alcoholics find a new way of living and feel a sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment they’ve never felt before.

Over the past few years J.B. has been passionately working to bring the model of treatment Hotel California by the Sea provides back home to Cincinnati. J.B. says “Too many people didn’t and don’t have the ability to travel to California to seek treatment like I did. In the state of Ohio, there are virtually no facilities based upon the model I have witnessed first and secondhand success in. I believe that needs to change.” In June of 2017, after years of deliberation, assessments, set backs, and breakthroughs, J.B. was given the green light to move home to the Midwest and begin setting the infrastructure for Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati.

J.B. now serves as the Director of Operations for Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, and strives each day to be able to help the addict and alcoholic still suffering; the addict and alcoholic that a few shorts years ago, was him.


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