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Understanding the Link Between Stress and Addiction


When it comes to addiction, pinpointing the issues or emotions that cause you to turn to your substance of choice is often the most difficult part. Although you might be aware of your addiction and want to get rid of it, you may not know the best way to treat it because you don’t fully understand the root of the problem. Perhaps you have tried to curb your addiction before but relapsed due to these factors. You may have even tried [...]

Understanding the Link Between Stress and Addiction2019-08-06T22:53:19-07:00

How to Have a Fun Sober Night Out


There are a variety of helpful articles and resources to support individuals going through alcohol detox and recovery, but what happens after your program is finished? If you are someone who has previously suffered with addiction, then it is important that you know your journey to sobriety doesn’t end once your treatment does. It is a lifetime process that takes dedication and healthy support to maintain. With all of this being said, just because you are recently sober doesn’t mean that [...]

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