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Tips for Hosting an Intervention


If someone you love is exhibiting signs of addiction, then you’ll want to address it with them so that they can seek help. However, addiction is a sensitive topic for most, and you may not know how to broach the subject with your loved one. The first step is to gather family members, friends, and spiritual contacts together to help intervene in the situation and show your loved one that they are cared for and supported. Here are five tips to [...]

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5 Tips for Eating and Exercising During Recovery


Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can often be quite challenging. It will require a lot of patience, dedication, and self-care in order to successfully overcome your addiction and maintain recovery. Consider these five helpful tips throughout your recovery process to better nourish your body and help it overcome this addiction: Drink Enough Water It can often be easy to overlook the importance of drinking enough water each day. However, it is something that you should strive to do because [...]

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The Importance of Healthy Relationships for Sobriety


Whenever the topic of drugs or alcohol recovery comes up, most people tend to focus almost exclusively on the detox process. However, the lengthy journey toward sobriety requires a strong, supportive network of friends and family as well. While often overlooked, healthy relationships can incentivize someone struggling with addiction to change their life for the better. It is important to note that this general premise applies to both romantic and platonic relationships alike. The deep bonds of a healthy relationship can [...]

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The 5 Types of Alcoholics


In 2007, researchers Howard B. Moss, Chiung M. Chen and Hsiao-ye Yi published an article in Drug and Alcohol Dependence suggesting that there are five types of alcoholics [1]. Each type has different characteristics and responds to some forms of treatments better than to others. If you or someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, knowing these five types of alcoholics can improve your chances to find the most effective treatment. This article will discuss each type [...]

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