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Features of the Best Drug Addiction Treatments


Thinking that a treatment that fits for one person will also suit another is like assuming that you could wear the same size of socks as someone who has bigger feet than you. Elements of the best drug addiction treatments do benefit everyone. However, rehab also may help you more when it accounts for your uniqueness. Comprehensive Solutions Increase Chances of Success Multiple types of support – Peer support helps as much as professional counseling and group support does. This includes [...]

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What Happens Inside of Rehab?


To get the most out of your professional rehab treatment, you need to first examine how you feel inside. Larger internal obstacles, such as mental illness, need to be identified before you can expect to succeed in treatment. Similarly, negative views that you might have toward rehab, such as associating it with failure or shame could hinder your progress. If any of these seem relevant, then you might need to work past fears of a tarnished reputation, so you can think [...]

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