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Why Drug Addiction Is a Social Problem


A common misconception surrounding drug addiction is that it solely affects the life of the user. However, the idea that they aren’t hurting anyone except for themselves is an excuse that many individuals who abuse drugs use in order to justify their addiction. Drug addiction is not a one-person phenomenon, and it creates a domino effect on the lives of those around them. It is a social problem that normalizes drug use and affects individuals and their families. Effects of Drug [...]

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How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab


It's tough to watch a loved one deal with addiction. Maybe you've seen a friend or family member lose relationships, their job, or health as a result of their substance abuse. Or maybe you just suspect that your loved one is starting down a negative path with drugs or alcohol, and you want to help them avoid the suffering that goes along with addiction. But it's common knowledge that you can't force someone to recover if they're not ready. Here are [...]

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