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What are Teen Detox Programs and How Do They Work?


Many families struggle with loved ones who are either using or are addicted to alcohol. This can be especially difficult when the loved one is an underage drinker. In these cases, concerned parents and other members often question the effectiveness of teen rehabilitation programs and their permanence. Luckily for those concerned, studies have shown that rehab is a turning point for teens with substance addictions. Rehab is a highly effective treatment method with varying degrees of involvement that can help teens [...]

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How to Prevent Teen Drug Abuse


When teens experiment with drugs, they put their safety at risk. Various factors can contribute to why a teen might begin using or abusing drugs, including insecurity or a desire for social acceptance. Teenagers are easily influenced during this developmental stage in life and may agree to try drugs or alcohol if they believe it will make them liked. The developmental stage that they are in is also very impulsive, and they might not consider the consequences of their actions because [...]

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Tips for Staying Sober After Recovery


If you have recently stopped drinking or are recovering from an alcohol addiction, then you will want to do everything possible to remain sober and avoid a relapse. Although it may not be something that a newly sober person wants to think about, relapses are common for people new to recovery and should be planned for. Relapses begin long before you turn to pick up a drink or drug and are most likely to sneak up on people who are unable [...]

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What Happens When You Quit Drinking


Whether it be for personal, medical, or external reasons, individuals quit drinking alcohol every day. They might feel like the negative consequences of drinking have outweighed the temporary euphoria. Some might be sensing an addiction developing and want to be proactive in preventing it. Others choose to quit because of the ripple effect that their addiction has had on those around them. If you are looking to quit drinking or have attempted to before, it is important to be aware of [...]

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