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How Stimulant Use Can Result in Addiction


As the opioid crisis gains national attention, stimulant use and dependence has been rising as well. Documentaries like Take Your Pills are shedding light on the rising rates of stimulant use. Methamphetamines are among one of the fastest-growing markets for prescription usage. Like opiate pain medication, amphetamine and its derivatives have FDA-approved medical uses that put these powerful stimulants in the hands of adults, teens and even young children despite their potentially addictive nature. Commonly prescribed for ADHD, weight loss, and [...]

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Common Misconceptions About Addiction


There are many stereotypes associated with addiction. Addiction affects people of all types. Many individuals that struggle with addiction hold jobs, have families and maintain rich relationships with the people they are close to. There is no such thing as a "typical" addict. For this reason, it is important to understand the common misconceptions around addiction and know that while each case varies, there are many preconceived notions about addicts that can negatively impact those struggling with addiction and the loved [...]

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