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Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, & Solutions


Alcohol withdrawal refers to the series of symptoms and physical effects that someone who is dependent on alcohol experiences when they stop drinking. The degree to which someone experiences these symptoms depends on how heavily they drink and how long they have been practicing these habits. For someone with a larger alcohol dependency, these symptoms can magnify into life-threatening. Common symptoms are: Anxiety Depression Irritability Sweating Shakiness Insomnia Loss of appetite Nausea Headache How Severe are the Symptoms? Moderate-level alcohol withdrawal [...]

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The 12-Steps of Alcohol Recovery


Recovering from any substance addiction can be a long road, and it is equally as important to have a solid support system as it is to have an action plan of how you will maintain sobriety. Completing a 12-step program can provide you with just that, along with the pride and confidence in yourself for following through with a treatment plan. Originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step program is a set of principles used to guide those recovering from addiction in [...]

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