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Mental Illness and Substance Abuse


Substance abuse affects a wide variety of people from all different backgrounds. For many, substance abuse is accompanied with mental illness. Self-medicating for a mental illness can sometimes result in substance abuse. This can potentially lead to addiction and can have negative effects on an underlying mental illness. In some cases, substance abuse can increase the frequency and intensity of mental illness symptoms. When two illnesses or disorders are present at the same time, they are referred to as comorbid disorders [...]

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3 Important Types of Self-Care after Treatment for Substance Abuse


Patients with substance abuse disorders often struggle with self-care after treatment.  The concept of self-care can be new and foreign to those dealing with the obstacles that come with addiction. Self-care comes in many different forms. Here are three types of self-care that can be helpful for those recovering from addiction: Emotional self-care Addiction can be a negative result of pain management. Pain can come from a variety of life factors such as emotional abuse. Emotional self-care can involve repairing or [...]

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The Role of Advocates in Substance Abuse Recovery


Treatment is a key contributor to successful substance abuse recovery. However, in-house care is just one part of rehabilitation. Successful long term recovery also includes access to a strong support network, recovery advocates, and friends and family who support the recovery process. Why Advocates Are an Important Part of Care Studies show that environment can have an enormous effect on whether or not long term recovery is effective. Those who are in unhealthy environments after treatment may have a harder time [...]

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How to Plan for the Future After Substance Abuse Treatment


Recovery from substance abuse is a complex process that can result in a long journey for those suffering from addiction. Patients in treatment may feel overwhelmed with the obstacles that await them outside of in-house care. In order to prepare for life outside of treatment, patients and support teams need to take the time to create a comprehensive plan for recovery outside of treatment. Treatment Options Substance abuse recovery is different for every individual. Treatment options should be customized according to [...]

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