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Four Common Triggers For Those Struggling With Substance Abuse


Those who are in recovery from substance abuse may find that drugs or alcohol served as coping tools for unresolved emotional issues. The ability to be aware of triggers that increase the desire for negative coping mechanisms is an important part of sustained recovery and essential for continued healing. While professional treatment is the first stepping stone in the recovery process, here are four common obstacles that can make recovery process and potentially trigger a relapse after treatment. The Emergence of [...]

Four Common Triggers For Those Struggling With Substance Abuse2018-02-23T12:00:05-08:00

Supporting Loved Ones Through Addiction and Recovery


Having a loved one that struggles with an addiction can be a challenge for an entire family as well as their social circles. In many cases, it can be difficult to understand how best to help a loved one struggling with addiction. Their wants and needs may differ from yours, and yours may differ from professionals who can treat them. The holidays can be a hard time for those struggling with addiction. Valentine's Day in particular can be extra challenging. For [...]

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A Path to Recovery for PTSD


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental disability that affects people who have gone through trauma. PTSD patients often struggle with the experience of reliving emotions they felt during their trauma and making unpleasant emotional connections as a result of the memories. Luckily, there are recovery options that can help people who struggle with PTSD and the people who love them. What Causes PTSD? There are a number of traumatic events that can cause PTSD. One of the most popular causes [...]

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How Employment and Identity Contribute to Substance Abuse Recovery


For those struggling with substance abuse, the effects of the abuse can permeate to all areas of life. From relationships with family and friends to overall lifestyle, substance abuse plays a huge factor in daily routines and responsibilities and can have a huge impact on an abuser’s career. Jobs can play a big roll in recovery from substance abuse. Careers serve as a stabilizing force that can solidify and increase the likelihood of long-term results. Here's why. Social Identity Social identity [...]

How Employment and Identity Contribute to Substance Abuse Recovery2018-02-09T12:00:20-08:00