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The Effect of Stigma on Addiction


BY: Ipek Aykol, LMFT License Number: 97315 What's a Stigma? Facing and overcoming stigma is one of the major challenges for those who have addiction. Stigma is a discrediting negative attitude imposed by society on individuals for not being perceived as “normal.” Stigma evolves as a result of society’s fear, ignorance and prejudice towards people who go through different life circumstances that the majority of the population does not go through. Stigma arises as a result of the society identifying the members [...]

The Effect of Stigma on Addiction2017-06-30T12:00:28-07:00

Costs of Addiction, Abuse, And the Value of Recovery


The price of addiction is expensive in a variety of different ways. First, the cost of addiction when it comes to your personal health and well-being can’t easily be quantified. Losing the sense of who you are through addiction is one of the worst situations that those suffering from this disease must face. The amount of money that it costs to maintain an addiction is why so many people resort to theft, robbery, or other crimes to support their habit. Something [...]

Costs of Addiction, Abuse, And the Value of Recovery2017-06-26T12:00:48-07:00

What Are The Differences Between Residential Programs and Outpatient Facilities?


There are some very distinct differences between residential programs and outpatient programs that you or your loved ones need to know about before going to rehab. Equipped with the proper information, it will be easier to be able to make the right decision that will have the best results towards achieving and maintaining sobriety. In many cases, people only have one opportunity to get sober, so it’s important that they’re making an informed decision about which type of care is right [...]

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How Does Addiction Manifest Itself In The Work Place?


When trying to recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to be extremely mindful in your recovery. Just because you have left behind the drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean that your addiction isn’t going to try to show itself in different ways. For many people, addiction can manifest itself in the work place. Remember, drugs and alcohol are only a symptom of the disease of addiction, so it’s important to work on other aspects of your life in [...]

How Does Addiction Manifest Itself In The Work Place?2017-06-12T12:00:05-07:00

Are Opioid-Free Painkillers the Key to Curbing Addiction?


The opioid epidemic in the United States is constantly growing to new and more alarming rates. One of the primary reasons for this is because the United States is the world leader when it comes to prescribing opioid medications. An example of the reason the U.S. is having a opioid problem is that while we make up only about 4.6% of the world population, we consume 81% of the world’s entire supply of oxycodone, so it’s important that we begin looking at [...]

Are Opioid-Free Painkillers the Key to Curbing Addiction?2017-06-02T12:00:59-07:00