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What the Rise in Opioid Overdoses Means for Substance Abuse Treatment


Drug overdose deaths due to opioid abuse have reached epidemic proportions in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose every day, with it being the cause of more than half a million deaths between 2000 and 2015. During that same period, the annual number of opioid overdose deaths has quadrupled [1]. The rise in overdoses emphasizes the need for effective and accessible substance abuse treatment in [...]

What the Rise in Opioid Overdoses Means for Substance Abuse Treatment2017-12-22T12:00:33-08:00

Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Family Unit


It is said that addiction is a family disease, but what does that actually mean? According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, this describes the profound and stressful impact that a family member's substance abuse can have on his or her loved ones. How Does Substance Abuse Impact the Family? Addiction has far-reaching effects on every member of a family. The effects vary based on an individual’s relationship with the person dealing with the addiction. The National Institute [...]

Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Family Unit2017-12-15T12:00:17-08:00

The Thin Line Between Misuse and Addiction


What is the difference between substance abuse and addiction? If you're concerned about a loved one's drinking or drug use, it can be challenging to understand the distinction. Substance use disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis defined as use that causes serious impairment or distress. While this does not necessarily constitute addiction, addiction is considered the most severe form of substance use disorder [1]. Characteristics of Substance Misuse According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, substance use disorder is ongoing non-medical [...]

The Thin Line Between Misuse and Addiction2017-10-27T12:00:40-07:00

Five Valuable Engagement Techniques to Help Screen and Treat Substance Abuse Candidates


If you suspect a friend or family member is struggling with substance abuse, talking to them about this issue can be challenging. These five techniques can help engage your loved one in a conversation about the issues they are facing and encourage them to seek treatment. Open the Dialogue on a Positive Note Start the conversation by making a statement of love and support. It is helpful to draw a distinction between your feelings about the person and your feelings about [...]

Five Valuable Engagement Techniques to Help Screen and Treat Substance Abuse Candidates2017-10-20T12:00:13-07:00

The Growth of Substance Abuse in America’s Youth


Substance abuse is continually on the rise without discriminating against age. Reports of an 11-year-old girl overdosing on heroin shocked the nation, and studies are showing that children are experimenting with drugs or alcohol as early as ages 10-16 years old [1]. Because substance abuse is wreaking havoc on families around the world, we need to focus on the epidemic that is plaguing our pre-teens and teenagers. Exposure and Experimentation Starts Earlier Kids have been experimenting with drugs for decades, but it's starting younger and [...]

The Growth of Substance Abuse in America’s Youth2017-10-13T12:00:51-07:00

Recognizing the Early Signs of Substance Abuse


Substance abuse affects individuals from all ages and walks of life. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 10% of people 12 and older have used substances within the past month [1]. Understanding the signs that could indicate substance use and abuse will help identify family members or significant others who may be affected. Signs of Substance Abuse Abuse of drugs and alcohol has physical, behavioral, and psychological warning signs that are often overlooked. If [...]

Recognizing the Early Signs of Substance Abuse2017-10-02T12:00:12-07:00

Serious Issues that Result from Substance Abuse


Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a dependence on mind-altering substances. When a person develops an addiction to a mind-altering substance, they continue to use the drug no matter the harm and serious issues the abuse causes in that individual's life. The reality is that substance abuse can result in many issues that don’t always show at the surface when looking at addiction. This includes health issues, including brain damage, problems with relationships, financial hardships, and more. Substance Abuse [...]

Serious Issues that Result from Substance Abuse2017-09-22T12:00:46-07:00

A Disease That Does Not Discriminate By Age


A fact that many addiction awareness activists stress is that the disease of addiction does not discriminate. They speak about how a person can become afflicted with the disease of addiction regardless of his/her nationality, profession, economic status, or family cohesion. Age is a factor that is overlooked in that concept. Our mental image of an individual suffering from addiction is not someone who is typically of the elderly population. Factors that Contribute to Elderly Developing Addiction Let’s face it; getting [...]

A Disease That Does Not Discriminate By Age2017-09-15T12:00:19-07:00

Four Steps for Problem Solving in Early Recovery


Have you ever had a dream that just shakes you to your core? I had a dream the other night that is still on my mind today. I was on a mini-vacation with my family. The air was cold and wet, and we were all dressed as if it were raining.  We were walking around, touring some sort of dock, and I was holding my youngest born and talking to my husband. My daughter was walking around with my mom, and [...]

Four Steps for Problem Solving in Early Recovery2017-09-07T11:23:06-07:00

Building Self-Esteem


One thing that’s true among addicts and alcoholics is the lack of self-esteem we have. We’ve spent months, even years doing wrong to ourselves, to others, and in the process we’ve beaten and broken down our spirits, our self-esteem, and diminished the love we have for ourselves. Sometimes, this can make recovery an even harder path to walk. I know for me, a simple compliment makes me an uncomfortable mess. I turn red, start to fidget, and become shy. Sometimes it [...]

Building Self-Esteem2017-08-28T14:01:26-07:00