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24 and Sober


Last Friday I turned 24 years old. If you would had asked me two years ago what my life would look like at 24, it would have looked nothing like how my life actually looks today.  And guess what, this is only the beginning of my beautiful life. Sobriety has given me a life that I look forward to living every single day. My Story Addiction has been in my life since long before I was born. Everyone in my family [...]

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Getting Sober Equals Getting Healthy


A commonly known phrase in sobriety is “When you get sober, you don’t have to change much, you just have to change everything.” When you make the decision to give up your addiction once and for all, your life will need to completely change if you want to remain clean and sober. Getting sober and staying sober goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy life style. Although living a healthy lifestyle can include many components, the two most important are nutrition and [...]

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The Dangers of Adderall on College Campuses


In 2013, 10.7 percent of college students admitted to using Adderall that year for non-medical purposes [1]. A common study drug, college students are more likely to abuse stimulants than those not pursuing a secondary education. As college students transition back into the fall semester, the number of them abusing Adderall continues to rise. With heightened expectations at school, increased workloads & a college environment where Adderall abuse is not only socially acceptable but essential to ones success, it is no [...]

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