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Treatment Centers Overwhelmed by Heroin Crisis


As the nation continues to grapple with an opioid epidemic, most experts would agree that New England has been one of the regions hardest hit by the heroin scourge. New England’s close proximity to deep water port cities has provided an excellent environment for traffickers set on exploiting, what seems to be, an ever growing demand. Many think of heroin as being an inner-city drug and an inner-city problem, the reality is much different. In fact, the demand for heroin in [...]

Treatment Centers Overwhelmed by Heroin Crisis2015-02-26T13:31:00-08:00

Veterans Struggle With DEA Restrictions


Last year, Americans learned of serious systemic problems facing veterans in need of healthcare. Veterans were often faced with lengthy waits to see Veterans Affairs doctors; in some cases life was lost while waiting to see a physician. We learned that there simply aren’t enough doctors to treat everyone who has served overseas, and those who were lucky enough to be treated were often times given “medication band-aids” to treat illnesses which required intensive therapies. What’s more, in an attempt to [...]

Veterans Struggle With DEA Restrictions2015-02-24T13:48:52-08:00

Taking Chantix Before You Quit Smoking


People who desire to stop smoking often wait until the day they quit to start using smoking cessation aids. While this practice may work for some people, new research suggests that smokers can increase their chances of quitting successfully by beginning taking smoking-cessation medication before they are ready to quit, The New York Times reports. Clinical practice guidelines recommend that doctors advise their patients set a quit date before being prescribed smoking cessation pills, particularly Chantix (varenicline). “Sometimes serious addiction needs [...]

Taking Chantix Before You Quit Smoking2015-02-19T13:28:19-08:00

Protein May Reduce One’s Craving for Alcohol


New research suggests that targeting a particular protein may reduce one’s craving for alcohol, while simultaneously protecting against alcohol-induced heart and liver damage, Medical New Today reports. A new study from researchers at the University of Iowa has found that a protein, called RGS6 (regulator of G protein signaling 6), functions through two separate mechanisms to control alcohol-seeking behavior and alcohol-induced cell death in organs. "Given the prevalence of alcohol abuse worldwide there is a clear need for more effective therapeutics," [...]

Protein May Reduce One’s Craving for Alcohol2015-02-17T13:06:54-08:00

Adolescent Methamphetamine Use Damages Brain


The side-effects of chronic methamphetamine use can be insidious, potentially damaging the brain. New research from the University of Utah and South Korea, suggests that adolescents who chronically use methamphetamine experience greater and more widespread alterations in their brain than adults, Science Daily reports. Researchers performed MRI brain scans on both adults and adolescents who chronically use methamphetamine. The scans of adolescents showed decreased thickness in the gray matter in the frontal cortex, the area of the brain believed to control [...]

Adolescent Methamphetamine Use Damages Brain2015-02-12T13:03:18-08:00

Michael Botticelli Approved As Drug Czar


On Monday, the Senate approved Michael Botticelli to serve as head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), otherwise known as the United States drug "czar," the Associated Press reports. Botticelli vowed to continue a “science-based drug policy,” focusing on treatment rather than arrest. "There's a large acknowledgement that we can't arrest and incarcerate our way out of the problem," said Botticelli to the AP last year. What makes Botticelli unique is the fact that he is the first [...]

Michael Botticelli Approved As Drug Czar2015-02-10T14:16:48-08:00

Cocaine Inhibits Future Decision Making


The use of cocaine is down from what it once was, as many addicts looking for a jolt have turned to the cheaper and stronger methamphetamine. There was a time when cocaine was flooding the streets of major cities, and in the 80’s, like opioids today, there was a cocaine epidemic. While it may be easy to think that the drug no longer holds the appeal to addicts that it once did, the reality is that there are still a number [...]

Cocaine Inhibits Future Decision Making2015-02-05T13:58:27-08:00

Rise in Mexican High-Grade Heroin


While the demand for Mexican cocaine and marijuana continues to decline, the need for Mexican heroin continues to rise - a byproduct of the prescription opioid epidemic in America. The market for low-grade Mexican weed has been diminished severely by medical marijuana and states moving toward legalization. The loss in market share has prompted cartels to step up heroin production, trafficking the drug into the United States using pre-existing marijuana and cocaine distribution routes, the Associated Press reports. In the past, [...]

Rise in Mexican High-Grade Heroin2015-02-03T13:53:12-08:00