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Physicians Certified in Addiction Medicine by ABAM


In the United States, the need for doctors trained in the field of addiction medicine is great. Much of the prescription drug epidemic can be owed to ill equipped doctors over prescribing highly addictive medications. This week, the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) announced that its most recent exam for addiction medicine certification was passed by 651 doctors, Newswise reports. There are now a total of 3,363 physicians certified in addiction medicine. The ABAM Foundation’s goal is to establish and [...]

Physicians Certified in Addiction Medicine by ABAM2015-01-29T14:27:49-08:00

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol With Energy Drinks


Mixing alcohol with caffeine is not a new phenomenon; people have been mixing rum and whiskey or liquors with coffee for years - especially alcoholics readying themselves for the day ahead. Over the last decade the practice of mixing alcohol with highly caffeinated energy drinks has become increasingly popular among teenagers and young adults, which has lead to a public health crisis. The combination of the two drugs makes the drinker feel less inebriated than they actually are, prompting the user [...]

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol With Energy Drinks2015-01-27T14:00:16-08:00

Recovery Community Mourns Dallas Taylor


It is a sad week for those in the recovery community, especially for those whose lives were touched by Dallas Woodrow Taylor Jr. who died on Sunday at the age of 66. The former drummer for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) devoted over 25 years to helping others find their way into recovery. Taylor once told People magazine that his introduction to drugs started at the age of four when his mother introduced him to opium to treat ulcers, the [...]

Recovery Community Mourns Dallas Taylor2015-01-22T11:43:18-08:00

Genetic and Environmental Factors Link to Peer Drinking


The use of alcohol amongst teenagers is a common occurrence, which, left unchecked can lead to a series of problems down the road. How adolescents engage with alcohol has long thought to be related to one’s peer’s relation with alcohol. New research suggests that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the link between one's own drinking and peer drinking, Medical News Today reports. Researchers analyzed data from a sample of 1,790 men, provided through structured clinical interviews. The study authors [...]

Genetic and Environmental Factors Link to Peer Drinking2015-01-20T14:07:30-08:00

Half Young Driver Fatalities Involve Alcohol or Marijuana


Driving under the influence is never a good idea and often times results in tragedy for the driver or the other people who happen to be on the road. People who consume drugs and alcohol often think that they are alright to drive, they say ‘nothing happened the last time I drove under the influence, why would this time be any different?’ While it is true that many habitual drinkers and drug users do get away with driving loaded, the reality [...]

Half Young Driver Fatalities Involve Alcohol or Marijuana2015-01-15T13:54:54-08:00

Consistent and Sustained Parental Attitudes About Alcohol


Parents are a child's greatest influence; the example that they set will have a great impact and may dictate some of the choices that their children make through the teenage years into young adulthood. While many parents have different opinions regarding their teenagers’ use of alcohol, new research suggests that parental practices and restrictions can make a difference, Medical News Today reports. A psychologist from the University at Buffalo has found that consistent and sustained parental attitudes about alcohol are very [...]

Consistent and Sustained Parental Attitudes About Alcohol2015-01-13T12:39:22-08:00

Stresses of Retirement Linked with Substance Abuse


Retirement may seem like a dream come true, a time for rest and relaxation after a long career; and while that is true for many, for others however, retirement can be extremely difficult and in some cases more stressful than working. There is an old adage that says the number one killer is retirement, while it may seem hard to believe, many who leave the workforce are left feeling like they no longer have a purpose. A new study has found [...]

Stresses of Retirement Linked with Substance Abuse2015-01-08T09:13:55-08:00

Rich, Educated, Single Males Consume More Alcohol


Research into the alcohol drinking patterns of people over the age of 45 has shown that rich, educated, single males have the greatest risk of not curbing their drinking habits in later life, Medical News Today reports. The findings come from a ten year study conducted by researchers at Keele University and UCL, which included 4,500 men and women over the age of 45. Researchers were interested in finding out the relationship between alcohol consumption with factors like: wealth, education, partnership [...]

Rich, Educated, Single Males Consume More Alcohol2015-01-06T14:38:28-08:00

Heroin Public Service Announcements


The State of New York has been hit especially hard by the prescription drug epidemic in America. Attempts by the state to push back against the crisis have only led to a surge of heroin use, which has proven even harder to combat than the prescription drugs. All across the state people are using heroin; the drug has found its way into the suburbs and the rural areas of the state. Now the state is resorting to public service announcements (PSAs) [...]

Heroin Public Service Announcements2015-01-01T13:47:36-08:00