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Substance Abuse by Industry


In the United States, a new government study, which analyzed data between 2008 and 2012, showed that nearly one in 10 full-time workers has had a recent substance abuse problem. The findings come from data of more than 11,500 adults with full-time jobs, according to HealthDay. The research showed that 9.5 percent of those surveyed had an alcohol or illicit-drug disorder in the previous year. “Substance use issues pose an enormous risk to the health, safety and productivity of American workers,” [...]

Substance Abuse by Industry2015-04-23T13:28:18-07:00

Teenage E-Cigarette Use On The Rise


With growing rates of e-cigarette use in America, it comes as little surprise that teenagers have taken to the devices to get their fix. E-cigarettes give the user the feeling of smoking a cigarette, a nicotine buzz, and are practically odorless. Last Thursday, federal data was released which showed that use of e-cigarettes among middle- and high school students tripled from 2013 to 2014, The New York Times reports. Of high school students, more teenagers are using e-cigarettes (13 percent), than [...]

Teenage E-Cigarette Use On The Rise2015-04-21T15:01:15-07:00

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Save Lives


The southern states have been hit particularly hard by the prescription drug abuse crisis. After years of oversight shortcomings and rampant over prescribing doctor shopping became common practices. States in the south became well known for having an abundance of what are known as “pill mills,” pain management clinics which practically guaranteed patients would walk out with a prescription for a powerful opioid narcotic. Florida, especially, was considered to have one of the worst prescription drug problems in the country. In [...]

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Save Lives2015-04-16T15:58:33-07:00

Drug Czar Calls for Needle-Exchange Programs


The opioid epidemic in the United States has increased the need for needle-exchange programs. There are about 200 needle-exchange programs in 33 states and the District of Columbia, according to the North American Syringe Exchange Network. It has become clear that the opioid crisis does not discriminate when it comes to state borders, which means that states without needle-exchange programs are facing the potential spread of infectious diseases. Last Thursday, Michael Botticelli, the Director of the Office of National Drug Control [...]

Drug Czar Calls for Needle-Exchange Programs2015-04-14T15:39:33-07:00

Alcohol Taxes Save Lives


Every year, alcohol related car crashes claim the lives of thousands of Americans, making the problem a national priority. While increased police patrols and greater education about the dangers of drunk driving are somewhat effective, new research indicates that raising alcohol taxes may have the greatest impact in making our streets safer. In 2009, Illinois increased taxes on beer, wine and spirits, which, researchers at the University of Florida (UF) found, resulted in a 26 percent decrease in car crashes linked [...]

Alcohol Taxes Save Lives2015-04-09T14:40:54-07:00

Alcohol Bans at College Fraternities


The consumption of alcohol on college campuses is a major concern; the health and behavior problems that often accompany drinking can have a dramatic effect on people’s lives. While alcohol use is common among most young adults in college, the bulk of college alcohol consumption takes place within Greek fraternities and sororities. Every year Greek members are tied to a host of alcohol related problems, including alcohol poisoning and sexual assault. In an attempt to manage the growing problem, some schools [...]

Alcohol Bans at College Fraternities2019-12-17T22:20:59-08:00

Synthetic Marijuana May Harm The Kidneys


While synthetic drugs such as Spice (synthetic marijuana) and bath salts are relatively new, everything about them seems to spell danger. These types of drugs grew in popularity due to the ease of acquirement, as well as the fact that the psychoactive chemical mephedrone, which is sprayed on herbs and bath salts, eludes most standard drug tests. What’s more, despite the clear and present danger associated with synthetic drugs, officials have had a difficult time getting a lid on the problem. [...]

Synthetic Marijuana May Harm The Kidneys2015-04-02T14:23:25-07:00

Opioid Crisis Leads to Needle Exchange Programs


Despite the fact that needle exchange programs prevent the spread of infectious disease and ultimately save lives, there are many places throughout the country that do not allow for the safe exchange of hypodermic needles. In fact, they are currently only 33 states and Washington, D.C. which have active needle exchange programs, according to the North American Needle Exchange Network. In response to a growing concern over spikes in disease transfer, the result of the prescription opioid and heroin crisis facing [...]

Opioid Crisis Leads to Needle Exchange Programs2015-03-31T14:09:02-07:00

Misinformed – Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teenagers


Despite a plethora of warning labels posted on the sides of prescription drug bottles, many users do not fully grasp the dangers that can accompany the used of powerful opioid narcotics. In fact, more people lose their life every year from legal drugs, like OxyContin (oxycodone) than those using illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. New research suggests that a large number of teenagers are unaware of the serious dangers present with the use of legally prescribed drugs, Science Daily [...]

Misinformed – Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teenagers2015-03-26T13:21:25-07:00

Biological Clue Could Explain Alcohol Dependence


Science has long struggled to determine who may develop a dependence to alcohol and who will not, based off of genetic markers. While it is known that environment plays a huge part in addiction, having a better understanding of the genetic link will help science develop better and more effective methods for treating the disease. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Medicine have found a “biological clue” that may be responsible for why some people develop a dependence to [...]

Biological Clue Could Explain Alcohol Dependence2015-03-24T14:32:26-07:00