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Treating Adolescents with Co-occurring Disorders


The disease of addiction often goes hand in hand with a variety of mental illnesses; depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are among the most common of what are known as co-occurring disorders. When treating addiction, addressing co-occurring disorders is both difficult and crucial to a successful recovery. Many adolescents dealing with substance abuse issues have a co-occurring disorder, in fact, more than half of adolescents entering substance use treatment (55-74%) also have a co-occurring disorder, such as depression, ADHD and trauma-related [...]

Treating Adolescents with Co-occurring Disorders2014-12-30T14:32:01-08:00

Holidays Can be Trying on One’s Recovery


We at Hotel California by the Sea would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The holidays can be trying on one’s recovery, staying centered is crucial. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying connected to your support network. Listed below are some tips that may help you maneuver through the Christmas/ New Year week. Meetings: On both Christmas and New Years Eve there are meetings happening around the clock. If you find yourself tempted or you need someone to [...]

Holidays Can be Trying on One’s Recovery2014-12-25T14:23:32-08:00

OCD: Brains Habit-System Not Working Right


Researchers from the Cambridge Behavioral and Clinical Neuroscience Institute have been investigating whether or not compulsions in OCD are due to an overactive habit-system, Science Daily reports. The findings showed that misfiring of the brain's control system might underpin compulsions in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Led by Dr Claire Gillan and Professor Trevor Robbins (Department of Psychology), the brains of 37 patients with OCD and 33 healthy controls were scanned while the participants repetitively performed a simple pedal-pressing behavioral response to avoid [...]

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Drunk Driving Over the Holidays


With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just days away, it is a sad fact that many people will drive under-the-influence of alcohol and/or drugs. While law enforcement officials do their best to discourage the behavior, reducing the number of drivers who might consider driving intoxicated and pulling over as many suspects as possible; unfortunately, it is not possible to get them all and every year people lose their lives to drunk driving - especially during the holiday season. A new study [...]

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Medicare Identifies Doctors Over Prescribing


The dangerous practice of over prescribing opioid narcotics is one of the leading causes of the prescription drug epidemic facing America. Certain doctors who have been identified as having prescribed upwards of 10,000 narcotic prescriptions in just one year, operating what are known as “pill mills.” Using prescribing data, Medicare has started to identify doctors who have a history of over prescribing; Medicare will soon have the authority to ban doctors from the program for unsafe prescribing practices, USA Today reports. [...]

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Teenage Binge Drinking Over the Holidays


The holiday season is, in many cases, a time of excess in every which way; from shopping to partying it is hard for many not to be a little light in the pocketbook and a little hungover when the New Year begins. Of course, over drinking can often times be justified by saying ‘'tis the season;’ however, for young adults, holiday impulsive drinking behaviors can lead to danger down the road. A new study from Concordia University, the Université de Montréal [...]

Teenage Binge Drinking Over the Holidays2014-12-11T11:59:39-08:00

Mixing Opioid Painkillers With Other Drugs


Despite the risks associated with mixing opioid painkillers with other drugs, a new study finds that almost 60 percent of patients who are prescribed opioid painkillers to treat long-term conditions are also being prescribed other drugs - like anti-anxiety drugs or muscle relaxants, The New York Times reports. The pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts conducted the study, "A Nation In Pain", which looked at the pharmacy claims of 6.8 million Americans who filled at least one prescription for an opioid between [...]

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Overdose Deaths Involving Heroin Nearly Tripled


Anyone working in the field of addiction and recovery has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of America’s dependence on opioid narcotics. After years of over prescribing prescription medications, followed by government crackdowns which led to a resurgence in demand for heroin, many American’s have been brought to their knees by the poppy. While government agencies continue to seek out ways of combating the problem, such as promoting the use of prescription-drug-monitoring programs that use databases to track prescriptions; the reality of [...]

Overdose Deaths Involving Heroin Nearly Tripled2014-12-04T10:15:45-08:00

Professionals who Abstain from Drinking at Work Gatherings


Professionals who are actively working a program of recovery may find at times they will have to attend work related events where heavy alcohol consumption is taking place. Refraining from attending such events may be detrimental to their career due to the fact that out of the office work gatherings are often essential to networking. While abstaining from alcohol at these events should not be frowned upon by one’s co-workers and clients, sadly that is not always the case and people [...]

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