turkeyWe at Hotel California by the Sea would like to wish everyone a safe and sober Thanksgiving 2014 and remind you that help is available if you find yourself in need. The holidays can be a difficult time in recovery, it is crucial that one stay connected with their support network and the recovery community.

Major holidays can often generate old feelings and memories that can become stressful, left unchecked these thoughts can lead to poor decisions or worse – relapse. Fortunately, no one is alone and you can always find a meeting or someone to talk to about how you are feeling. In many parts of the country there will be meetings around the clock on the holidays and it is not uncommon for people in recovery to go to multiple meetings throughout the day.

If you need to reach out for help or have the desire to get out of yourself by helping others, there are resources available:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Orange County AA  24-Hour Helpline (714) 556-4555

Narcotics Anonymous

Orange County NA  24-Hour Helpline (714) 590-2388

Please do not hesitate to call for help if you are struggling.