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FASD: Problems Related to Alcohol Exposure Before Birth


The consumption of alcohol while pregnant can result in myriad of consequences for the baby. The risks of developmental disorders associated with such behavior are greater than many believe and are, in fact, a more common occurrence than ever thought before. A new study has found that as many as 5 percent of children may have some type of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), higher estimates than those found in previous research, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina, [...]

FASD: Problems Related to Alcohol Exposure Before Birth2014-10-30T14:41:51-07:00

Alcohol-related Deaths Among Bicyclists


In many cities, especially in beachfront communities like Newport Beach, a number of people consuming alcohol will ride their bicycle to avoid getting a DUI. While this choice of transportation may be safer for the community than driving drunk, it is still illegal and extremely dangerous for the rider. People who have already got DUI’s will often turn to their bicycle because they have lost their drivers license. Unfortunately, while the DUI may stop them from driving drunk, it does not [...]

Alcohol-related Deaths Among Bicyclists2014-10-28T14:19:46-07:00

Self-harming May Lead to Substance Use Disorders


New research indicates that teenagers who engage in self-harming are more likely to develop substance use disorders and emotional problems later in life. The study included almost 5,000 participants of 9,383 16-year old teenagers that were asked to complete a questionnaire that dealt with self-harming behavior, Medical Daily reports. Researchers followed the teenagers for five years. The study participants were more likely to be female, white and to have a mother with higher education, higher income, and higher social class. However, [...]

Self-harming May Lead to Substance Use Disorders2014-10-23T11:53:14-07:00

Opioid Embeda: FDA Abuse-Deterrent Label Approval


Developing narcotic opioids that are hard to abuse is of the utmost importance when considering the gravity of the prescription drug epidemic in America. It is often the case that drugs, whose makers claim as having abuse-deterrent features, lack sufficient properties for deterring abuse; addicts find ingenious ways of getting around the obstacles that pharmaceutical companies create in their drugs. One of the more novel opioid drugs containing abuse-deterrent features is Embeda (morphine sulfate/naltrexone hydrochloride). The drug is a combination of [...]

Opioid Embeda: FDA Abuse-Deterrent Label Approval2014-10-21T12:23:17-07:00

Prescription Opioid Overdoses Down – Heroin Overdoses Up


The over-prescribing of opioids in the United States has had far reaching effects, the sharp rise in prescription opioid addiction being one of them, as well an exponential increase in accidental overdose deaths. In response to what some call a scourge, others an opioid epidemic, measures were taken to make the abuse of prescription narcotics more difficult; such as the creation of prescription drug monitoring systems to curb “doctor shopping,” the closing of pain clinic “pill mills,” and limiting the number [...]

Prescription Opioid Overdoses Down – Heroin Overdoses Up2014-10-16T14:59:02-07:00

14 Million Medical Conditions Linked to Smoking Cigarettes


In recent years a number of cigarette smokers have managed to quit, greatly lowering their chance of developing serious health problems. Scientific research has for decades suggested that long term cigarette use can be deadly, which has led to a significant reduction of smoking rates in America. Sadly, there are still millions of Americans who continue to smoke, many of whom are living with potentially fatal medical conditions. New research has found that U.S. adults have had about 14 million major [...]

14 Million Medical Conditions Linked to Smoking Cigarettes2014-10-14T14:03:12-07:00

California Methamphetamine Task Force


The majority of methamphetamine present in the United States today originated in Mexico. The ingredients required to manufacture meth are difficult to acquire in the U.S., due to state and federal crackdowns on products containing ephedrine. Mexico has more relaxed laws which have allowed Mexican drug cartels to operate methamphetamine super-laboratories and the cartels’ largest market is Americans. While most of Mexico’s northern territory borders Texas, surprisingly, almost three-quarters (70 percent) of all Mexican meth enters the country through San Diego, [...]

California Methamphetamine Task Force2014-10-10T12:00:35-07:00

Older Adult Substance Use Disorders


The disease of addiction is powerful! In a relatively short period of time it can destroy lives, tear families apart, and cause the afflicted to lose all touch with reality. Left untreated and without a course of vigilant daily maintenance, the disease has shown time and time again that it also has the power to kill. Despite the diseases vast power, it lacks the ability to discriminate; addiction does not care about age, race, or socio-economic standing, anymore than an illness [...]

Older Adult Substance Use Disorders2014-10-08T21:58:32-07:00

Newsletter: Addiction Treatment for the Professional Male


Why Addiction Treatment for the Professional Male? Commonly held cultural myths about alcoholism and drug addiction often conjure images of a loitering homeless person drinking out of a brown paper bag or the young 20-something IV’ing heroin in a dimly lit disheveled apartment. However, addiction to drugs and alcohol is significantly more common and far-reaching than these stereotyped Hollywood images. Addiction to drugs effects average, everyday people like you, me, and the people we love. Statistics on drug and alcohol addiction [...]

Newsletter: Addiction Treatment for the Professional Male2014-10-06T23:35:36-07:00

More Negative Attitudes Toward Addiction Than Mental Illness


The disease of addiction affects countless people in the United States; there is hardly a family that has not been touched by the disease in one way or another. While views surrounding the disease have come a long way, from total ostracization to an understanding that addiction is a form of mental illness, many Americans have a more negative attitude towards those suffering from addiction than those with other forms of mental illness, according to a national survey. The findings come [...]

More Negative Attitudes Toward Addiction Than Mental Illness2014-10-03T19:53:50-07:00