Experiential Therapies at HCBTC include “Floating Meetings and Groups” on our 70-foot pleasure yacht, captained by Roman!

In keeping with our commitment to excellence in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, Hotel California By The Sea has added the Orca Too, a 65-foot yacht, to our available experiential therapies. Now, clients will have the opportunity to participate in a Third Step Ceremony on the wide-open Pacific Ocean, in style and comfort as well as take part in “Floating Meetings and Groups” on this beautiful cabin cruiser.

We want you to make the most out of the invigorating experience of being in an ocean environment for treatment. The gentle motion of the waves, the salty sea-spray, and the meditative calmness of the water all promote health through relaxation. Recent studies have revealed our brains enter a mildly meditative state when we are exposed to water, flooding the brain with pleasure-inducing hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. We also have a Duffy boat, and we have access to sail and deep sea fishing boats. These watercraft represent an opportunity to explore new horizons, go fishing, learn to sail, and to just have fun!